MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Family, friends, and loved ones gathered in front of the Plateau Community Center in Mobile to mourn the loss of ZyCorreyan Brown-Harris, 20 who was shot and killed inside the K&J Beauty Supply store in Semmes. His mother, Porshina Harris believes there are more people responsible for her son’s death, and she wants everyone involved to be held accountable.

According to his mother, her son went to the store to get custody of his seven-month-old son from his child’s mother who is an employee at the store.

According to Harris, there’s been an ongoing problem between her son and his child’s mother. She said her son’s death is caused by a child custody exchange gone wrong. She said her son arrived at the store and noticed his son left alone in a car, so he went inside of K&J to demand answers.

“He was inside of the vehicle for 30 minutes,” said Harris. “An eye witness told me before my son even showed up on the scene by himself. So when my son showed up, he’s a concern dad. All he did was saw the baby in the car went inside and from there, I don’t know what happened, but it was supposed to be an altercation. My son got shot. He came out the building, fell, collapsed; people helped him in that process.”

Investigators have arrested Daniel Holloway Jr., 21, in connection to Brown-Harris’ murder. Both investigators and Harris said he is the boyfriend of the store employee who is the mother of Brown-Harris’ son. Harris said her son was set up by the store employee and the store employee’s sister. Now she wants them to suffer consequences.

“I want these girls prosecuted,” said Harris. “The young man and my son were good boys. I’m not—yes I’m mad at Daniel. You damn right I’m mad at Daniel. You took my long; you took my child. My baby. He was a good child too.”

Harris said the issue between her son with his son’s mother has been an ongoing issue since her grandson was born. She suspects that her grandson’s mother was trying to get her son out of the picture. However, Harris said she’s going to work on getting full custody of her grandson.

“He needs to be with family,” said Harris. “That’s gonna raise him, and let him know who ZyCorryean is. He’s his father. Daniel is not his father. ZyCorryean is.”

Brown-Harris was a graduate of Blount High School. Harris said his dreams of playing basketball and attending college were cut too short, and now his seven-month-old son will have to now grow up without a father.

His family members are now demanding justice for him.

“Right now, I’m just so hurt about the situation,” said Tray Smith, Brown-Harris’ brother. “I just feel like the right people need to get prosecuted behind this. And we need to find justice behind my brother. He didn’t deserve this. That’s all I can say.”

Harris heavily urges the community to put the guns down and to work on resolving conflicts without the need for weapons.

“It starts home,” said Harris. “See, we don’t get this message out to everybody. We’re going to keep doing this newscast. I don’t want to keep watching the same story.”

Harris said she’s working on funeral arrangements for her son. She’s set the date to Feb. 18 for her son’s burial. After the service, she plans to hold a Stop The Violence March to help spread awareness and stop gun violence; pleading with the community to wear orange in honor of her son since orange was her son’s favorite color.

WKRG News 5 returned to the K&J Beauty Supply to get more information about the altercation that took place Friday night. An employee at the store told us, “no comment.”