PRICHARD, Ala. (WKRG) — The mother of a man murdered in Prichard says the Prichard Police Department is to blame for her son’s death.

In July, Prichard Police shared her son Jarvis Anderson’s photo and information as a way to ask the community to assist in locating him for questioning. Police wanted to question Anderson in connection to a homicide that happened in December 2020 that took the life of Jaheim Pugh.

James Lee James Junior was arrested in connection to Pugh’s murder. However, Prichard Police continued to search for Anderson for questioning.

Months after, on Oct. 3, Jarvis Anderson was murdered at a Chevron gas station on St. Stephens Road. Mario Osborne has been arrested in connection to Anderson’s murder.

Carolyn Anderson says her son was wrongfully targeted for a crime she knows he did not commit, which resulted in his death.

“The individual that is now in Metro Jail, Mario Osborne Jr., for the murder of my son is due to the fact that he believed my son had something to do with Jaheim Pugh’s murder,” Anderson said. “Which he did not… he doesn’t know him.”

Jail records show Jarvis Anderson was never charged with anything in regards to Pugh’s case.

“You used my son as a frontman and you had the individual that you arrested and charged with the murder,” Anderson said.

Anderson says she wants the detective on her son’s case to be removed.

“I want justice, and I want this detective moved from the case because, in my heart, that’s obstruction of justice,” Anderson said.

WKRG News 5 reached out to the Prichard Police Department several times for comment but was unable to receive a response.