MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A three-year-old Mobile girl’s costume capturing her love for Spider-Man is capturing the hearts of thousands on social media.

Demi Rose Jackson’s mother and eldest sister share the deeper meaning behind the costume. 

The picture showing Demi Rose perched up on a building in downtown Mobile dressed as the one and only spiderman and styling in her afro-puffs have gone viral. 

Her professional photographer mother Diamond Jackson had the vision to make Demi Rose’s love for the marvel character come to life, saying her daughter’s obsession is fairly new. 

“We literally ran across a Spider-Man bookbag or lunch box in Target one night, and she just fell in love,” Diamond said. “Ever since then, when we see things, she is crazy about it. She even has a love for spiders.”

In true Peter Parker fashion, Demi Rose decided to remain in character and let her family do all the talking. 

They say the toddler insisted on Spider Man’s actual costume and not some superhero inspired dress. It was at that moment that she turned into Spider-Girl. 

Her eldest sister Denver helped hold Spider-Girl’s string as she shot her web.

“When I saw the costume, I was so excited, like oh my God it’s so cute,” said Denver. 

 She also said the three-year-old can be a bit of a handful.

“At home, she’s active. She’s always torturing us. She’s very bad. But she’s sweet,” Denver said. 

The pictures have been shared on facebook more than 75 thousand times also making their way to Instagram. Actors Viola Davis and Marvel’s own Michael B. Jordan marveling at what many are calling “Black Girl Magic.”

Diamond and Denver say most of that magic comes from Demi Rose’s natural hair. 

“I think afros were always kind of big, but long ago it wasn’t,” Denver said. “But I think after the Spider-Man photo, it made a big, big difference and inspired a lot of people.”

“I really want them to embrace their natural hair,” said Diamond “I think it’s important for them to love every part about themselves and when I say them I mean all three of my daughters. It was to the point where I cut my own hair to go natural to let them know if I can love myself like this then you can too.” 

Diamond hopes this moment continues to bring joy and inspire inclusion across the world. 

“My heart is full.  I feel like with everything going on in the world, I feel like it’s perfect to have a little superhero that we can believe in,” Diamond said.