MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — School will be back in session for students in Mobile County Public Schools, this Thursday.

Parents have been out and about the last few days, grabbing last-minute school supplies before the big day.

“We are shopping for daycare, back to daycare school shopping,” said Raven Dedeaux. “We got him a new lunch box. We also got fruit snacks and some things for lunch, and pencils.”

Dedeaux said she’s excited for her little one to head to school.

“They learn about international relations, they travel around the world, they learn about
dinosaurs and reptiles which are his favorite,” said Dedeaux. “I’m also excited about their class pet.”

WKRG News 5’s Typhani Gray asked several kids what their most excited about, this upcoming school year and I got quite a few distinct responses.

“I have a really nice teacher,” said 3rd grader Dixon Thompson.

“This time, I get two teachers instead of just now,” said 4th Micah Wilson. “Now 4th graders get to go to
PE first.”

However, many of them gave the same response as to what they are most excited about.

“I get to see my friend,” said Anleigh-Jase Rowell and Carsen Reissrowell.

“I’m ready to see my friends,” said 4th grader Terran Price.

Mobile County Public Schools students will be back in the classroom Thursday, Aug. 4. The school system has been posting tips about getting kids ready for the first day of school on their social media pages.