MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — 2020 ended with a total of 46 homicides in Mobile County. With three months left in 2021, Mobile Police say homicides numbers are already at 43.

Mobile Interim Police Chief Roy Hodge said high crime rates are something that is unfortunately not uncommon in Mobile.

What is alarming to the interim police chief are the ages of the victims and the offenders in this year’s list of homicides.

“We need to get the parents involved,” said Hodge.

According to Hodge, out of the over half of the homicides that occurred in 2021- both the victims and the offenders are between the ages of 15 AND 25.

Hodge says it is not completely up to the police to combat the crime, locally. He says it is going to take a village to try to make the crime in this city, decline.

Hodge wants parents to be more vigilant of their children’s actions and possessions.

“The fact that we have so many people involved in violent acts that lead to someone’s death, or they’re the
victim of a violent act- that’s very disturbing,” said Hodge.

Many of these crimes, occurred with the use of a firearm.

Out of the 43 homicides, 38 have been solved.

For the remainder of the year, and even after Hodge wants parents to remain involved in their children’s lives in hopes of having to add fewer names to this year’s homicide list.

“Know where their children are at, know where their children are going,” said Hodge. “If they have a handgun and the opportunity arises, they’re going to use that weapon with some very lasting effects.”