Mobile’s haunted treasures: Tour shows the city’s current paranormal activity

Mobile County

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — With a long history, Mobile is bound to have a few restless spirits. On Halloween night, News 5 didn’t even need a seance to communicate with one and learn the story behind her haunting of her house.

If you’ve spent time inside the Richard’s house, you may already know its haunting past.

Ross Peterson with Bay City Conventions & Tours said, “They produced 11 children. Mrs. Richards died giving birth to the last child. I believe that child lived several months before passing away as well. But as I understand only four of the Richard’s children survived their father.”

But that’s not the scariest part. Peterson said, “Many of those children are still there.”

Peterson regularly does ghost tours.  He says he’s even had an encounter himself. He said, “The rocking chair started to rock with a teddy bear in it after being asked if he would like to play with a teddy bear.”

From what Peterson says, spirit sightings are a regular thing. He said, “As they’re closing up at night, they can still hear the children running up and down the steps.”

News 5 went looking for spirits, and found one in the flesh, Mrs. Richards herself talking about the haunting of her family home. She said, “You’ll see little auras, kind of blobs that are lit up around the walls and everything.”

We asked Mrs. Richards why she continues to look after her family’s legacy. She said, “Why does ghosts haunt anything in Mobile? Why do ghosts haunt anywhere? They must be happy there, they feel comfortable, they’re at home.”

While the Richards house is home to some very strong spirits, Peterson says, she’s just one of many. He said, “300 years plus history, so there are a lot of great stories and a lot of those people are still here to tell them if you know how to ask them.”

He said “how” to ask them, not who, so if you’re lucky, you may be able to learn about Mobile’s haunted past on days besides Halloween.

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