MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) —  People who live in two public housing complexes in Mobile – set to be demolished – are concerned about where they’ll be living by the end of the year.

Last year, the Mobile Housing Authority announced R.V. Taylor and Thomas James Place will be no more. Some people have already moved out but others are left in limbo for now.

Thomas James Place is starting to look like a ghost town. Boarded-up windows of run-down apartments are mostly what is left. 

One resident said she needs better communication from the Mobile Housing Authority.

61-year-old, Tonya Frazier lives in the middle of many abandoned apartments in Mobile’s Birdsville community. She has lived there since 2003.

“It makes me mad because I didn’t do this, we pay rent here,” said Frazier.

Frazier says since the demolition was first mentioned, she and her neighbors have received very little information on where or when they’ll be relocated. Frazier says the last update she received was a few months ago and now she wants to know why she’s been left behind.

“My future is real unsure, I’m trying to be positive but it’s depressing and driving around here and looking at all this everyday, it makes you insane,” said Frazier.

Officials with the Mobile Housing Authority sent out an update in October and say residents will be relocated and/or provided with vouchers in four phases. The Housing Authority is in phase 1 and phase 2 will begin on Feb. 9.

Part of the wait is the lack of vouchers released by HUD, according to Mobile Housing Authority. Nonetheless, they say going forward they will work to provide bi-monthly updates to residents. 

“We ask for patience because being in each phase is a lot and we want to make sure that we provide all of the necessary things that individuals need with their families as they transition to suitable homes,” said Marie Mhoon, Resident Services Director of Mobile Housing Authority.

CEO of Mobile Housing Authority, Michael Pierce, wants to make it clear that no one will be put out of their homes while waiting to be relocated and their plan is to have everyone situated by the end of the year.