MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Heather Keaton, a Mobile woman who was convicted of torturing and murdering her two step-children, was resentenced to death on Thursday after an appeals court overturned her sentencing.

Keaton’s death sentence was overturned in October 2020 after a court ruled her rights were violated by not letting her speak at her 2015 sentencing hearing.

At her resentencing on Thursday, Keaton’s defense team was hoping the judge would grant Keaton life without the possibility of parole.

The defense argued not only did Keaton not get to speak at her first sentencing but they say she is blind and has had good behavior during her time in prison.

Despite the defense’s argument, Judge Rick Stout resentenced Keaton to death by lethal injection.

Before her resentencing, Keaton told the judge she is not a danger to anyone and says she has been devoting her time to Jesus and bible study. She also says she is a loving friend and family member to her loved ones.

Keaton expressed no remorse for the killings.

Keaton was convicted in 2015 of poisoning her two step-children with anti-freeze and dumping their bodies in the woods with her husband, John Deblase.

Deblase was also convicted of killing his own children and was sentenced to death. He remains behind bars on death row.

Keaton’s attorney told us after her resentencing that he will continue to fight for Keaton.