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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Less than a week after an officer was shot in the line of duty, Mobile Police spoke about firearm responsibility. It was also the same day 18-year-old DaJoune DuBose, the man accused of shooting the officer, pleaded not guilty in court.

Police Chief Lawrence Battiste spoke about the shooting and what we as a community can do to help prevent future violence. The Chief said the change starts at home.

He said, “New laws is a lot of times new procedures that you have to follow. If you’re not following the current procedures of being safe, there’s sometimes there’s no amount of legislation that will create the atmosphere that we’re looking for.”

Chief Battiste does not believe new gun laws will help decrease shootings in the city, but he does think something else will. He said, “People accept responsibility for their roles when they go out and they purchase a weapon. We all have to own the responsibility that we have when we go out and we purchase a weapon.”

Addressing the media about Friday’s shooting, Battiste said the solution begins at home. He said, “Make sure you secure that weapon in such a way that we don’t put it in the hands of irresponsible young people that couldn’t go out and purchase a weapon legally.” 

He said making sure your gun is secured could help prevent future crime. Battiste said, “The access to the weapons makes some of these young people more emboldened and more emblazoned about their actions.”

Battiste said everyone in the city needs to come together to make a change. He said, “As a community as a whole we have to do a better job of making sure that we do those things that will make our community safer.” 

A judge set DaJoune DuBose’s bond for more than half a million dollars. A preliminary hearing for the case has been set for December 12.

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