Mobile Police show us how they use stop strips to safely end police chases

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Mobile Police show us how they use stop strips to safely end police chases

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — On Wednesday morning there was another police chase in Mobile after officers spotted a car that was reported stolen.

Police chases are on the rise as police say they are seeing more people run from officers.

Mobile Police gave us a demonstration of the tool they use to end police chases as safely as the can. Every officer has stop strips in the back of their patrol vehicles.

When the suspect vehicle runs over the strip metal prongs come out and puncture the tires. It’s not a dramatic tire explosion like you see in movies. The tire slowly deflates forcing the car to come to a stop. They’re designed that way to avoid crashes.

The stop strips limit the risk in what officers say is the most dangerous part of the job.

“It (pursuits) can lead to serious injury or death for yourself and the public. This is a tool that we see as being an effective way to slow down and eventually terminate a pursuit,” said Mobile Police Assistant Chief Roy Hodge.

Officers don’t immediately take off after suspects who run. They have to consider different factors to determine if a chase is worth it.

“The necessity of apprehension, does it outweigh the risk that we’re putting the public against? We do that with every single police pursuit,” said Hodge.

An officer can pull out of a chase whenever they feel it’s too dangrous.

However, chases are effective in catching suspects. in 2018 there were 137 police chases in Mobile. Arrests were made in 115 of those cases.


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