Mobile Police show technology helping solve shooting cases

Mobile County

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The City of Mobile saw five shootings over the weekend. Two of those shootings were fatal. On Monday, April 12, city leaders came together, discussing initiatives to slow the violence.

Police report 14 homicides in 2021, which’s compared to 10 around this time in 2020. Officers are not able to give away all their secrets but showed several ways the city is working on slowing the violence.

The newer technology uses ballistic evidence. It can connect criminals with crimes, and has already worked several times.

Since the department began firing up the technology, it’s produced at least 600 leads on cases.

Police cannot say exactly how the technology works, but Mayor Sandy Stimpson describes it like this. He said, “We are creating a database so that it could be used cross-jurisdictional linking weapons to shooters to make sure that we can take them off the street if we tie them to a certain crime.”

Public Safety Director Lawrence Battiste described the technology also. He said, “What it does is, one guy responsible for multiple crimes in our community. If we can get that one guy off the street then what we’ve done is we’ve at least made our community just a little safer by getting that one guy off.”

Mayor Stimpson said the city has taken in more than 2,400 guns since the technology launched in June of 2019.

The department displayed 26 guns taken off the streets in the last week and a half as part of Operation Enough. It’s a proactive operation by Mobile Police. Battiste said,  “We’re not focused on the community itself, but we’re focused on those individuals that live in those communities that we know and most likely based off the intelligence that we’ve been able to gather to hold them accountable for their behavior.”

City leaders also push for state-wide legal changes, specifically Aniah’s Law. The Mayor said the city is tackling crime in multiple ways at the same time.

Mayor Sandy Stimpson also announced a gun summit coming to the city. He said, “The idea is just to make sure that each and every one of the mayors have at their discretion and their disposal the best practices that may be occurring in each and every other city.”

He did not announce a date for the summit but mentioned it would also discuss illegal gun trafficking.

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