MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mobile Police released surveillance video of the moments after a shooting near the intersection of Cottage Hill and Azalea.

The shooting happened nearly two weeks ago. The Turner family says they were driving home from getting ice cream with their daughters when their car was shot at by masked men.

Mobile police say they are investigating more and more of these types of incidents, but that violent crime as a whole is on the rise.

“We are frustrated by these shootings,” said Public Safety Director Lawrence Battiste.

Mobile police say they are seeing people shooting into occupied buildings and cars more frequently.

“The guy that shoots into somebody’s house and we don’t identify him the first time, he’s waiting until he catches whoever that is rolling, and if he or she feels that is the best opportunity for them to get what they call their get back, then they’re going to do that,” said Battiste.

The Turner family says they were attacked while turning from Azalea onto Cottage Hill, their two young daughters were in the back seat when a car pulled up and began shooting.

“There were 11 bullets that hit our car,” said Emily Turner.

Emily’s husband, Shayne, was shot twice. He is still recovering in the hospital. No one else was hurt. Turner says she didn’t get a good look at the car before it drove away.

“The only thing I know is they had masks on and there were two,” said Turner.

Mobile police released the video of the moments after that shooting. You see a car come to an abrupt stop near the intersection of Hawthorne Drive and Cottage Hill. Police and the Turners are hoping anyone who was there around 7:15 that night will remember something.

“Obviously whoever did this, they had a reason for it, but I know whatever the reason was had nothing to do with my family. So whatever it was, they either got the wrong people or didn’t care who they got,” said Turner.

Police are investigating this as potential road rage. We asked Mobile police if this could be some type of gang initiation or mistaken identity.

“Probably would lean more to the idea of mistaken identity than I would go to the gang initiation type scenario. We have in the last 7.5 years, we have not denied gangs exist in the City of Mobile, but we don’t see that type of behavior of that type of initiation process for somebody to be a member of a particular gang in this community,” said Battiste.

Mobile police say they are seeing more homes and cars get shot at while people are inside, and they say it’s something that can be stopped. But they need cooperation from the community.

“Our goal is to get the community in particular in those areas to be cooperative from a law enforcement perspective. If we can stop them on the first house they shoot into, we limit or eradicate the other instances of shooting into occupied residence or shooting into occupied vehicles. We hold them accountable the first time,” said Battiste.

Turner hopes someone will come forward. “I hope that these people can be captured, and I hope they can get off the streets,” said Turner.

If you have any information about the shooting at Cottage Hill at Hawthorne Drive, near Azalea, you are urged to contact Mobile police.