MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The Mobile Police Department promoted dozens of officers to higher ranks on Friday.

Chief Paul Prine says this achievement will assist him in implementing his strategic plan for the city of Mobile.

“As I develop out that command staff moving forward trying to implement the strategic plan,” Prine said.
“That really was the last puzzle that we need going forward.”

Family members of the officers, community leaders, and Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson attended the promotion ceremony.

“I’m excited for the city of Mobile,” Stimpson said. “And, as you know, doing what you do… with increasing authority comes increasing responsibility.”

This promotion saw police officers becoming corporals, and captains becoming majors. These promotions are all a part of Prine’s equation to bring a positive change to the city of Mobile.

“The strategic plan is very simplistic in nature. One is intelligence-led policing. The second part of that
is community engagement with both community faith-based organizations and our federal partners,” Prine said. “And the last one is one what I call the standards of excellence, and that’s really demanding our guys to improve on their attitude, confidence, and the service they provide the people.”

With a shortage of officers within MPD, Chief Prine believes this celebration is a step in the right direction.

“It fills vacancies that are already there in particular in the supervisory rank and the command
rank. And we need those positions in order to push down the strategic plan,” Prine said.