MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mobile Police Sgt. Jeremy March with Cops for Kids surprised a 5th grader at Griggs Elementary after his mother posted on social media about her son surprising her with cutting the grass. 

10-year-old Mason woke up early one morning to surprise his mother with cut grass because his father was out of town and his mother had a hurt back. Sgt. March saw Mason’s mother’s post on Facebook and wanted to surprise him for the good deed he did.

Mason told Sgt. March he woke up at 3 a.m. to fill up the gas for the lawn mower and weed eater and started to mow the grass at 5 a.m. Jason’s mom wrote in her post, “It’s before 7 am and my guy is already working!!! Without being asked he woke up this morning and knew the yard needed to be cut. So thankful I have this precious soul to help me when Austin is out of town and can’t do it.”

So Sgt. March surprised Mason in school with a bag full of goodies from his favorite football team, Alabama. Mason was given an Alabama blanket, gloves, and a storage container. To top off the surprise, Sgt. March gave Mason and his family 4 tickets to an Alabama football game in October. 

Sgt. March says he looks for things in kids that are remarkable, commendable, and unprompted. 

“Nobody has to tell them to do it, they just do it on their own, to be nice or kind or whatever the case may be. That’s some of the things that I’ll look for. Things that they’re not really looking to get anything for, they just do it because they wanted to do it.” 

He hopes Mason’s act of kindness inspires others to do more good deeds. 

Sgt. March says he then looks for what the child would want and then surprises them with it as well, to let them know that the small thing or deed the child has done doesn’t go unnoticed. “There’s always somebody watching you,” Sgt. March says. 

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