MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The Mobile Police Department is short about 60 officers right now. To combat that shortage, the department is upping its marketing game, and expanding the area where it’s looking for new officers.

The Mobile Police Department said they’re looking to fill 63 open officer positions.

“Our biggest concern when we’re short-staffed is officer burnout, certainly we have the ability with what we have currently to meet our obligation within the city,” said Lawrence Battiste, the Public Safety Director for Mobile.

This month, the city began running ads on social media and on websites to encourage people to think about Mobile when looking for a job in law enforcement, trying to attract candidates to the city by showing what it has to offer. The campaign is called: Blue by the Bay.

The campaign targets specific geographic regions and people searching for law enforcement positions on the coast.

“I think in time we’ll get back to where we need to be, I think that the city of Mobile has made strides in the area of pay, there’s still some room for growth in that area. I think the city of Mobile has created programs that attracts people in different ways,” said Battiste. He continued, “I think the City of Mobile continues to try to make sure it leads the way from the perspective of training and new ideas for how we police in the city.”

Some have questioned if the lack of staffing is affecting their abilities to work on open cases.

Brittany Roybal’s son was shot last year while inside their home. The person responsible has not been caught. We spoke with her earlier this month, she said she thinks it’s possible the shortage could have something to do with no arrests.

“There are families who are still there who seem to have fallen through the cracks. I still haven’t really heard much of anything from the police department, or you know,” said Roybal.

Officers said they are continuing to work on that case and any open cases in their jurisdiction.

“If you’re the victim of a crime and clearly we don’t solve it quickly, I can see how a person would feel that way. I can assure you, that the men and women of the Mobile Police department, they take every case seriously. And every case is important to them, and so, unfortunately, there are times where the information they need to solve a case may not be readily available,” said Battiste.