MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Violent crime is trending down in the City of Mobile, according to Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine.

The city is down 3% in violent crime overall, which includes homicides, assaults involving gunshot victims and shooting into occupied homes and cars.

“It takes a little time to get that wheel going, but now that we’re going we’re starting to see just a little bit more momentum, probably within the last two months,” said Prine.

Right now homicides are down 12% as compared to this time last year for the city. Other violent crimes like robberies and assaults involving guns are also down.

“It tells really to the testimony of the work the men and women of the department are doing in following our strategies,” said Prine. “I say that because we’re 70 officers short and as you know in the other parts of this country, cities the size of Mobile if not bigger are trending up double digits in violent crime as much as 40%.”

Prine attributes the successes to Operation Echo Stop, intelligence-led policing and hot spot policing.

“As we target these offenders in our community that we know are committing the crimes, we’re starting to see the numbers correlate to that, what we’re doing by targeting and re-arresting is working,” said Prine.

One thing Chief Prine said they are particularly pleased with is a reduction in shooting into occupied homes and cars. He said it’s down slightly, just 1%. At this time last year, there were 241 cases as compared to 238 so far this year.

“It’s incremental, it’s a big win for us at the PD because it shows that we are trending down, and as long as those numbers are small the idea is that when we get to the end of the year, hopefully, that 1% will turn into 5% if not 10%,” said Prine.

Chief Prine did warn about an increase in property crime, which he attributes to an increase in catalytic converter thefts. At this time last year there were 133 thefts of the part compared to 406 this year.