MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mobile’s police chief said violent crime is down significantly, despite recent high-profile crimes. And, he said he has the numbers to back up that claim.

Chief Paul Prine credits a lot of their successes with cooperation from the community – as they’ve seen an increase in people calling in tips to the department.

As 2022 ended, Mobile police said crime in the city decreased.

“If people in Mobile want to know if they are safer today than they were in 2021. I would emphatically tell them, they are,” said Prine.

There were 10 fewer homicides in 2022 than in 2021, something Chief Prine doesn’t take lightly.

“That’s 10 people that did not lose their life in the city of Mobile last year. That’s 10 families that did not grieve the loss of life for 2022,” said Prine.

Homicides are down 20%, armed robberies are down 28% between 2022 and 2021. There were 13% fewer gunshot victims, assaults were down 5% down, and sexual assaults were down 11%. 2022 saw 20% fewer shootings into occupied homes and buildings compared with 2021.

“That is phenomenal. Considering we are 70+ officers down and most cities the size of Mobile if not bigger have seen double-digit increases in violent crime,” said Prine.

While the numbers are down significantly, some say they don’t feel safe in the city.

“I don’t attend major functions, I don’t do Mardi Gras, because I don’t feel safe,” said Robin Coley.

Others disagree. “I’ve been in Mobile for a while, Mobile is a peaceful city,” said Julius John.

Prine attributes the success of the community working with them to prevent violent crimes from happening, as they’ve seen a significant increase in tips called in and sent to their officers. This, after police have asked for the public to work with them to decrease crime.

“We have seen that even more recently where parents have turned their kids in. The idea is ‘I would rather my child be in jail and safe versus being on the street and become the next victim of a retaliatory shooting.”

The numbers Prine released are not the final annual report, which is expected to come out in March.