MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Tymetrick James is now in custody and accused of shooting at Mobile Police Officers. This comes after an arrest earlier last week of Valeido Davidson for the same incident.

Last Tuesday, a police vehicle was shot about three time on the 1600 block of Flicker Drive. According to Chief Paul Prine, the officers were in the area responding to another call.

“There were two locations,” said Prine. “There were shots fired call on Samosa Drive, and officers were responding to that location. Obviously when the officers got over there, then we had the shooting with the police officers over on Flicker Drive. So the officers that were there were initially all responding to the shots fired call over on Samosa Drive.”

Davidson and James are now both facing charges of attempted murder, shooting into an occupied vehicle, and shooting into an occupied dwelling.

“Mr. Davidson is on a $130,000 dollar bond, but he’s in jail,” said Prine. “He’s been given a bond but he has not posted as of yet. Mr. Tymetrick James has a no bond…he was already on bond for a prior offense.” Fortunately, none of the officers were injured during the shooting.

Prine said Mobile Police will not tolerate situations like these under any circumstance.

“Whether we knew the person was a police officer or not, rounds being shot in the community…once that bullet has fired from that firearm you can’t call it back, and you have no clue where that round is going,” said Prine. “You remember the incident, the same neighborhood… the same community a few months back where an 11-year-old was killed because individuals like these are shooting indiscriminately in the neighborhood without regard…”

Both suspects are scheduled to appear before a judge in November for the attempted murder charge