Mobile Police backing business on COVID-19 enforcements

Mobile County

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — With the Mobile City Council deciding on a mandatory mask regulation Tuesday, we asked Mobile Police today what would happen if someone doesn’t comply?

We sat down with Mobile Police Chief Lawerence Battiste today and he said businesses have already seen problems with compliance when it comes to wearing a mask and other CDC guidlines. While MPD has yet to have to forcibly reponded they said they have recieved those calls. “Just like certain restaurants you can’t go in with a shirt or shoes on they have the same authority to say you can’t come in without a mask.” Chief Battiste tells us.

Those businesses however do have the authority to refuse service and enforce their safety guidelines if necessary Chief Battiste says “They have the right to refuse service and if they call us and say I told this guy that he has to wear a mask and he refuses to wear a mask, i don’t want him in my business and under those circumstance we will come and we will advice them that they have to put on a mask or leave the premises and they could be arrested for trespassing or potentially disorderly conduct.”

The Cheif also told us one of the pontential reasonings behind the low responses with this issue is the fact that a lot of Mobile area businesses have opted to hire off-duty officers to make sure patron comply with rules and the deal with those who refuse.

The decision will come on Tuesday on a mandatory mask ordinance from the City Council and Chief Battiste says playing your part in the community is key. He told us “We are anticipating what will be the outcome of city council tomorrow in relation to people wearing masks. I would encourage people to wear their masks though because the life they save could be their own, could be their mom, could be their dad.”


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