Mobile, Ala. (WKRG) — The Mobile Police Department announced in a press conference on Wednesday, Jan. 18 that the Narcotics Unit and the Drug Enforcement Administration seized more than 86 pounds of marijuana during an investigation.

In addition to the 86 pounds of Marijuana, THC edibles, pre-rolled blunts, THC vapes and carts were seized, amounting to $257,000 in street value. $23,254 in U.S. Currency was also confiscated. Many of the items that were confiscated were packaged as candy bars, which are geared towards children.

The confiscated contraband include:

ItemQuantityStreet Value
Marijuana86 lbs$206,4000
Packwood Pre-Rolled Marijuana Blunt298 packs$14,900
L.A. Riots Ultra Premium Cannabis Oil Carts490 units$7,350
Runtz Vapes261 units$6,525
Flight Premium Infused Chocolates 600 mg299 bars$7,475
THC Cereal Bars250 bars$3,750
Sweeter High THC Syrup108 ounces$1,080
Sweeter High THC Gummy39 packs$390
Wonder Bar THC Candy Bar298 bars$8,940
Wonder THC Reese’s Mini Cups19 packs$760
(list of items in drug bust)

“A lot of the violent crimes that take place involve this contraband, ” said Prine. Prine also mentioned in the press conference that it is important that parents are involved in what their children are doing. Prine also said the investigators believe Marks is in the wholesale market, meaning he might have sold these items directly to people or businesses.

Chief Prine went on to mention that getting these drugs off of the streets can help with the violence in Mobile “I keep hearing that marijuana is not a drug depending on the political isle that one sees themselves, but as you can see on this amount of high grade marijuana that sits here before us leads us
and lends itself to the violent crime that we see everyday because when we show up on these scenes, it’s this contraband that’s left behind.”

Howard Marks Jr. was arrested on Friday, Jan. 14 after two search warrants were made for homes in West Mobile.

Howard Marks Jr.

They believe him to be a wholesale dealer that provides the drugs to lower street level dealers and or potentially businesses.