MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The first Mardi Gras parades will roll in downtown Mobile this Friday and many will line the streets of downtown as MoonPies and beads will rain down on the parade routes.

But, some say they’re thinking twice about heading downtown to celebrate this year after the deadly shooting on New Year’s Eve, just blocks away from the city’s Moon Pie over Mobile event. One person was killed, and nine others were shot.

Holly Farmer was downtown on New Year’s Eve and was caught up in the chaos of the aftermath of the shooting.

“I’ve always felt very safe, and it’s just not anything that’s entered my mind, and that has kind of brought it to the forefront,” said Holly Farmer, a reveler.

Now, she’s worried about being in the crowd during Mardi Gras.

“I’ve been to a lot of Mardi Gras, I feel like it will be safe, but I do have a concern in my head,” said Farmer.

Bobbie Lane’s not nervous about Mardi Gras. She’s been riding on Fat Tuesday for about 35 years and has never had a problem. She says it’s time for the good times to roll.

“I feel like we’ve got enough security, the policemen are all out there,” said Lane.

So, after the New Year’s Eve shooting, what do the city and Mobile Police have planned to keep the streets safe and reassure Mardi Gras revelers?

“That incident galvanized all of our efforts and made us rethink what we’re doing and how to go about it. You’ll see things a little different this year,” said Sandy Stimpson, Mobile mayor.

“Every officer that is on duty will be in patrol, and every officer that is on this police department that is off duty will be on overtime, assigned to Mardi Gras. We have a solid plan in place,” said Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine. He continued, “we’ve been doing Mardi Gras for a very long time, and it is a well-oiled machine.”

The City of Mobile and Mobile Police said their number one priority this year is the safety of those attending the parades.

Police said there will be more floodlights out in dark areas along the route, and blue lights will be active on police cruisers from start to finish.

“The idea behind that is you will see law enforcement officers throughout the entire parade route,” said Prine.

Police said they will also have undercover officers in the crowd and behind the scenes. They also said their officers will be “more assertive” this year if they see something suspicious, and will be looking for weapons.

Police ask parade-goers to let them know of anything they see, too, so police can act swiftly.

“I will always compel the public to work with us, help us. When you see something, when you hear something, report it, so we can get on the front end of it rather than be reactive to something,” said Prine.

Farmer said this year she will definitely pay closer attention to what’s happening around her in the crowd.

“I’ll probably come to some parades, but a little bit differently maybe this year. Maybe not quite as many as I normally do,” said Farmer.

Mobile police said before you come out to catch some throws to make a plan for you and your family in case of an emergency.