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Mobile native, University of Georgia softball player ranks in top 100 in new player rankings

No. 44, Lacey Fincher

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A University of Georgia softball player from Mobile, Ala. has ranked in the top 100 college player rankings. No. 44, Lacey Fincher, was ranked at No. 68 for the Extra Innings Extra Elite 100 College Player Rankings.

“I felt honored, I’ve always been one of those people who want to be No. 1 in everything, my daddy, Bo Fincher, had to make me come to the realization that there are thousands of softball players and to be top 100 is pretty awesome,” said Fincher via email to News 5.

Lacey Fincher

Fincher is a senior from the Tanner Williams community who played softball at Faith Academy.

Fincher said her proudest moment is when the team made it to the Women’s College World Series last year. She said they struggled during the pre-season but during the postseason they worked together and fought to get to where they were.

During her Junior year at UGA, Fincher started 56 games, 46 of which she started at first base. She led the team with a .345 hitting clip, .734 slugging and her .511 on-base percentages ranked her sixth in the SEC. She earned 15 home runs and ranked 10th in the league, according to the team roster.

Lacey Fincher

Fincher said she first got into softball because her brother, Luke Fincher, played baseball and football, and she was jealous of all the attention her dad gave to him. “My first ball team was coached by Wayne Christian when I was 7-years-old. I played at Semmes and West Mobile parks for a few years, then I started playing travel ball. I played under one of the best coaches, Davide Head, for West Mobile Express. I then went on to play for Jay Roberson and the Thunderbolts then ended my travel days under Kevin O’Donnell. I started playing at Georgia in 2018.”

She was the recipient of the Beatrice F. Cole & Ronnie M. Cole Softball Scholarship this year.

“What I would tell my younger self and the new generation of players, my uncle Dicky told me once, ‘you don’t become a good sailor in smooth waters,’ and that hit home for me when he said it. Life isn’t always easy, you will hit rough waters more times than you’d like, but that’s when you have to take the opportunity to set your sail and go into the storm knowing you’ll get out,” said Fincher via email to News 5. “Softball has taught me a lot more than just the game. People will always be jealous, people will always discourage you but don’t let the few bad eggs outweigh the good ones. Lean on your family and true friends. Build your confidence because one day you will turn into the strongest, most independent young woman and that’s what it’s about.”