MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Outrage over gun violence in the Mobile community and around the nation continues.

Friday, the Mobile NAACP shared their outrage at Government Plaza, alongside several city and community leaders. They joined many, asking the question we’ve heard so much this week: ‘when is enough, enough?’

This is part of a national movement, and they asked people to wear orange to raise awareness about gun violence.

It’s been a week of violence in the city of Mobile.

“We definitely want to see change. First, you’ve got to change hearts to change minds. There are broken hearts in our community and you know it. Every time a trigger is being pulled, another heart’s being broken,” said Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson.

Two children were shot and killed in two separate shootings this week. 11-year-old Lequinten Morrissette was killed inside his own home Mobile police say a bullet went through his front door on Duval Street.

Mobile police say 14-year-old Ciara Jackson was shot and killed while she was riding around with her friends on Michael Donald Avenue.

The violence outrages not just family but members of the community.

“I stand before you again today, again, and again, and again, saying how sorry we are to young lives being lost to senseless violence,” said Darlene Martin, who addressed the crowd at Government Plaza.

“Whenever I hear a child is gone, I think of my child. 16-years-old,” said Nija Hill, who lost her son to gun violence.

Nija Hill’s son Chavan Scruggs was shot and killed on Allison Street last September. Hill is begging other parents to start paying attention.

“I want to take a  look at the parents because that’s where my mind is today. Do you know what’s in your child’s closet? Do you know what your son or your daughter is riding around with? Because that’s where it starts,” said Hill.

Hill hopes to get through to someone before it’s too late.

“Today could be the very last day. For some people, this may not bother them. It didn’t bother me until it was my child. Let me tell you, God has no favors. It could be you tomorrow,” said Hill.