MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson, after swearing in Monday for a third term, released on Tuesday what his office called “an ambitious agenda” for the first 100 days of his administration.

A news release announced the theme for Stimpson’s third term is “Uniting Mobile Through Action” and aims to “fulfill the original vision of One Mobile — a safer, more business and family friendly city.”

“Eight years ago, we cast a bold vision for our city,” Stimpson said in the release, “and you shared that vision. Mobile has been undergoing a transformation, and in the last campaign we told you that we are not done yet. My team and I have laid the groundwork to make the first 100 working days of my third term the productive yet as we work with the Mobile City Council to address public safety, infrastructure, the growth of the city, the economy, tourism and resiliency.”

According to a City of Mobile webpage, the 100 day plan is part of a larger 1,000 day framework for Stimpson’s third term. That 100 day agenda is broken down into seven categories — Protect, Grow, Hire, Connect, Enjoy, Visit and Ready Mobile — each with its own list of specific goals.

Protect Mobile 

“There is no function of government more important than public safety, and protecting Mobile remains one of the administration’s top priorities. In the next term, we’ll be continuing to innovate the way our police, fire and medical services are provided to the public. We’ll be implementing new technologies and adding new facilities that will make Mobile a safer place to live. We’ll also be working with our governmental partners to make sure that our laws and our courtrooms provide first responders with the tools needed to do their jobs effectively.”

  • Break ground on the new MPD Precinct 1 
  • Design new police and fire Headquarters
  • Roll out MPD neighborhood engagement plan
  • Purchase shot detection technology 
  • Establish new early intervention partnership with MCPSS
  • Launch virtual municipal courtrooms 
  • Install virtual technology in all courtrooms with government partners
  • Update fire, building and maintenance code 
  • Break ground on new MFRD training center
  • Select site for new Toulminville fire station 
  • Introduce aggravated menacing legislation 
  • Promote ratification of Aniah’s Law
  • Introduce Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR)
  • Complete AL Power 19,000 LED light replacement
  • Begin replacement of interstate LED lights
  • Establish department of Animal Services 
  • Initiate improvements at the Animal Shelter 
  • Complete “Breaking Barriers” mental health training for MPD and MFRD
  • Hire 30 additional firefighters through SAFER federal grant  
  • Launch new MPD Website 
  • Release MFRD 2022 5-year strategic plan
  • Release MPD 2022 5-year strategic plan

Grow Mobile 

“For years people have debated whether it is more prudent to grow Mobile through the annexation of areas to the west or put resources into the current City limits. Mayor Stimpson campaigned on a plan to do both, and his administration is prepared to do so. We’ve already made great efforts to reduce blight and expand affordable housing within the city limits. In the 1,000 Days we’re going to take those efforts to the next level. Within the next 100 Days, we’ll be presenting a plan for the City Council’s consideration that would put our population above 200,000 — a designation that would make the City of Mobile eligible for millions of dollars in additional federal grants every year.”

  • Adopt the Unified Development Code 
  • Conduct needs assessment & select demonstration neighborhood for toolkit
  • Release Annexation Plan 
  • Launch interactive Capital Project Dashboard 
  • Announce ARP affordable housing site selections
  • 1,000 Homes by 2026 update
  • Launch Citizen’s Academy 
  • Announce ARP Social Services Awards 

Hire Mobile

“You cannot have a great City without great jobs, and we want to keep the momentum in Mobile by continuing to invest in new jobs and economic growth. We are going to create an environment that helps existing businesses thrive and makes it easier to launch a new business, whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or an experienced business owner. We will also continue to support emerging talent from our community and Mobile’s minority-owned businesses so that success and opportunity are within reach to all Mobilians.”

  • Improve business license application and renewal process
  • Launch interactive business license website 
  • Launch interactive land use website 
  • Award small business funding through new ARP grants 
  • Host Empowered by GoDaddy Partnership for DBE training
  • Graduate first class of Contractors College 
  • Establish network of emerging talent 
  • Establish the Buy Local Pledge 
  • Host local business market for Small Business Saturday 
  • Announce Lending Tree Bowl Grant recipients 
  • Engage Master Plan contract for IDB Brookley property
  • Kickoff the 6th Annual YES Initiative Summer Jobs program 

Connect Mobile

“For Mobile to thrive, Mobilians must be connected to one another, to our natural resources and to the world. Over the next four years, we will continue to rebuild our infrastructure and increase the walkability of our community to connect our neighborhoods to each other and citizens and visitors to the places where they work and play. We will also continue to push for a solution to transpiration challenges by pursuing a new bridge on Interstate 10 and helping to move Mobile’s commercial passenger terminal to the Brookley Aeroplex. All these things help improve Mobilians quality of life and connect our community and economy to the world.”

  • Open Broad Street from Springhill to Dauphin 
  • Open Baltimore Street rebuild
  • Break ground on Texas Street rebuild
  • Zeigler Blvd rebuild – open from Cody to Schillinger 
  • Airport Blvd Street synchronization – complete design 
  • Government Street synchronization – implement timing and controls
  • Award Downtown streets optimization design contract
  • Complete Medal of Honor Park sidewalks 
  • Complete University Blvd sidewalks 
  • Complete Airport Blvd repaving 
  • Introduce new procedure for neighborhood traffic calming measures 

Enjoy Mobile

“Whether you’re a lifelong resident or a guest, we want everyone to Enjoy Mobile when they’re here. We can do that by continuing to improve and expand the entertainment and recreational opportunities in our city. We’re going to repair parks and improve parks and build new parks like the one-of-a-kind facility we’ll be designing on the Brookley by the Bay property. Within the coming months, we’ll also be moving forward with plans to activate our downtown riverfront and revitalize the Mobile Civic Center so they can both be enjoyed by generations to come.”

  • Host first Battle Down South Partnership Skate Event at Public Safety Memorial 
  • Host the first Iron Bowl Block Party on Dauphin Street 
  • Host the first Holiday Bazaar 
  • Host a Holiday Edition Roll Mobile at the Civic Center 
  • Host December, January, and February ArtWalks
  • Release design of Hall of Cooper Riverside Park to activate the riverfront 
  • Engage stakeholders to determine Civic Center plan
  • Design contract for Brookley by the Bay and begin community engagement 
  • Begin demo of old Zeibach property at Perch Creek Preserve
  • Perch Creek Preserve design community meeting 
  • Break ground on new synthetic turf combo field at Matthews Park 
  • Design future Trimmier Park upgrades 
  • Kickoff conceptual design phase for Municipal Park athletic fields
  • Open new playground at Crawford Murphy Park 
  • Open City’s first pickleball courts at Stotts Park 
  • Complete Mardi Gras Park upgrades
  • Complete Lavretta Park upgrades
  • Complete upgrades to phase I of Lyons Park 
  • Complete upgrades at Medal of Honor Park 
  • Complete pavilion upgrades at Langan Park 
  • Complete upgrades to Copeland-Cox Tennis Center 
  • Complete Bienville Square fountain restoration
  • Complete upgrades at Figures Park 
  • Open Floretta Fortune Walking Trail at Figures Park 
  • Launch initiative to increase public/private investment in the arts 
  • Begin Dotch Community Center Amphitheater upgrades 
  • Visit Mobile 

Visit Mobile

“We must continue to promote Mobile as a tourist destination for families, organizations, and everyone else. We can do this by continuing to work with the partners who’ve been instrumental in selling Mobile to the world. We are going to improve the Mobile experience, focus on ecotourism projects, elevate the rich cultural history and story of Africatown, and bring back our cruise ship. “

  • Bring back the Cruise Ship
  • Complete film/music industry economic impact study
  • Reestablish citizen tourism ambassador program 
  • Community engagement for Africatown Welcome Center design
  • Release Clotilda documentary
  • Announce ARP tourism contracts         

Ready Mobile

“When we say we want to Ready Mobile, we are talking about the future. We must lay the groundwork that helps ensure city services can continue despite shocks to our community like the ones we’ve seen over the past two years from a global pandemic and multiple hurricanes. For the City of Mobile, being “Ready” means being a resilient and sustainable community with the operational and financial stability to tackle persistent challenges like flooding, recycling, litter, and natural disasters.”

  • Launch household hazardous waste collection event 
  • Launch new citizen litter collection tool 
  • Launch Litter Free Mobile website 
  • Kickoff shopping center litter demonstration project
  • Launch litter free leader’s program 
  • Kickoff youth litter education program 
  • Assess and streamline the execution of homeless services
  • Develop after-action plan on COVID-19 for future use 
  • Release citizen recycling survey results
  • Establish backup plan should recycling services be interrupted
  • Partner with new organizations to expand recycling opportunities 
  • Establish timeline to add electric vehicles to the City fleet 
  • Utilize new software to improve efficiency of garbage collection
  • Install standby generators at key intersections 
  • Update hurricane action checklist for all city departments 
  • Purchase new pension software 
  • Complete 2021 CAFR
  • Announce the first My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Summit 
  • Support City-wide cleanup events with community partners 
  • Launch a Resilience Assessment 

Stimpson was reelected in August 2021.

One Mobile, a concept Stimpson pioneered in his first Mayoral race in 2012, developed in 2014 into a now-defunct nonprofit organization.