Mobile judge facing a harassment charge, witnesses say there’s more to the story

Mobile County

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — In the case of a Mobile judge facing a harassment charge. A man accused Judge Karlos Finley of pulling him off his horse and punching him. News 5’s Amber Grigley spoke to a woman who says she saw what led up to the incident.

“Had he done what we instructed him to do, had he been in compliance with our request. None of this would’ve happened,” said Brenda Gay, LeFlore High School Alumni Association.

What was supposed to be a fun-filled weekend for Leflore high school alumni, to get together and celebrate.

“We literally raised $85,000 for our school that weekend,” said Gay.

Ended in chaos.

“We had thousands of people. At this event. He came speeding through there. I said, ‘my god, is the horse running away from him?’ What’s going on with this man?” said Gay.

Just days after the weekend event, Howard Finley Glaude Gr. filed a police report accusing Mobile Municipal Judge Karlos Finley of pulling him off of his horse and hitting him in the face several times, after the horse defecated at the high school alumni event.
“We’re saddened. He’s done so much for the community to get caught up in a situation, in my opinion, could’ve been avoided,” said Gay.

Brenda Gay is on the Alumni Association Executive Board, she says they asked Glaude to leave with his horse long before the altercation between him and Judge Finley.

“We said, ‘Sir, please remove your horse from the area. You are not allowed on the field on Monday.’ We don’t need horse manure. So you need to remove your horses and take them back to the grassy area,” said Gay.

After refusing to leave several times, Gay said Glaude’s actions just spiraled.

“He took a glass. I knew it was a liquid. He poured it on top of the horse’s head,” said Gay.

Gay said she didn’t see the altercation between Glaude and Judge Finley. She said she saw Glaude head towards the field, but didn’t know he was still making his rounds.

“I actually thought we had taken care of it without any incident. Had we know it was not, we could’ve done something a little different, but because he was going in that direction towards the field we thought it was over. But obviously he took a detour and started some more disturbances,” said Gay.

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