MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — When Chef Kimberly Brock Brown isn’t working her way around the kitchen, she’s breaking barriers in her field, nationally. 

She has created history as the first woman and Black chef to wear the toque as the president of the American Culinary Federation in its 94 years of existence.

“I got tired of not seeing representation or people that looked like me in leadership,” said chef Kim. “Somebody needed to do something, why not me?”

This week, she is showcasing her talents in Mobile.

The Metro Mobile chapter of the ACF invited chef Kim to get a taste of the Port City and while she’s here, she’s using her platform to inspire future chefs and share some gems on her journey to success.

Thursday, chef Kim spoke to a room full of Mobile County culinary and hospitality students about her experience in the industry. 

In order to pave the way for the next generation, chef Kim says her goal is to inspire young people to take a chance and make their own mark.

“If it took me to do it, fine but my next goal is what’s next, who is next,” said chef Kim. “I might be the first but I don’t want to be the last you know, so who else can I bring with me?”

chef Kim says her advice for students who aspire to be chefs, is to believe your goals are obtainable and once you reach them, open the door for the people coming behind you.

“Look to inspire and uplift and bring everybody with you so you have a longer table, but everybody gets a seat at the table,” said chef Kim. “Hone in on your craft and be ready to accept opportunities, don’t say no, figure out a way to do it.”

At the presentation on Thursday, Chef Kim and Chef Keith Jones performed a cooking demonstration as well as a Q&A session for Mobile County students.