MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — One local group is trying to encourage people to put down their guns, in a bid to address the violence in the city of Mobile.

The group, People United to Advance the Dream, is marking the 54th anniversary of the assassination of Civil Rights icon Martin Luther King Jr.

To mark the anniversary, they are unveiling their new program they are beginning this year ‘No more silence, end gun violence.’

Reverend David Edwards, the president of People United to Advance the Dream, was joined by several city and county officials Monday afternoon as he announced the new program. Several city leaders say stand in solidarity with Edwards and his cause. He said the community can resolve problems without gun violence.

As part of the initiative, Reverend Edwards is encouraging citizens to leave their guns at home. He is asking for people to leave the guns at home, hoping no one will be shot or killed, and the bullet ‘will stay where it is.’

Reverend Edwards said there is a need to do more to try and end it, and that the recent increase in violence is part of the reason he believes that.

“The need was so great because the escalation was so high. And it was so high to the point where we said we just couldn’t not do anything. And we are in hopes that people in the community, citizens, ordinary people will take the reins and let’s promote the non-violence, the peace, and come up with a way to resolve our issues other than using a weapon,” said Reverend Edwards.

Reverend Edwards said they are partnering with other organizations to help give them counseling so they can address issues and give solutions to people in the community.

He encourages others to do the same.