MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The Mobile Fire-Rescue Department will be the first in the state to have a “portable, handheld, ultrasound system,” in their ambulances, according to a release from the MFRD.

The department is partnering with Butterfly Network. The digital health company introduced the Butterfly iQ+ which is a “portable, handheld, ultrasound system that is designed to provide emergency, medical providers with real-time, internal visualizations of patients; thus, forever changing out-of-hospital patient care.”

“Through its Emergency Medical Services division, the MFRD is reinventing prehospital care, becoming the first fire department in the state to pilot new ultrasound technology via Butterfly Network, Inc.,” reads the release.

Historically, ultrasound technology has only been available in clinics and hospitals. MFRD and Butterfly Network “aims to transform patient care, health education, and emergency medical research by empowering its paramedics with point-of-care access to AI-powered, handheld ultrasound.”

MFRD said paramedics will undergo several in-service, training sessions.