MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A man arrested for a double homicide this week in Mobile served time for another double homicide that occurred in 2006.

James David Wilson IV, 38, was arrested early Thursday morning in connection with Wednesday’s deadly shooting outside a CVS on Dr. MLK Jr. Avenue. He’s charged with capital murder.

In April 2006, Wilson was arrested for shooting and killing two people in a McDonald’s drive-thru.

He was 23 at the time. Court records show Wilson pleaded guilty in 2007 and was sentenced to prison. According to court records, he was given a 20 year split sentence, where he served only five years behind bars, and five years on probation.

“You can’t combat violent crime by putting these criminals in jail with lenient sentences,” said Mobile Police Chief, Lawrence Battiste.

In court records, we were able to find Wilson told jail officials he had been in a fight with two men over them allegedly stealing his radio, and the feud escalated leading to him eventually shooting the two men.

Nearly 15 years later, he’s accused of shooting and killing two more men. Mobile police identify them as 25-year-old Camdon Jackson and 26-year-old Van Kennedy.

“Once people start pulling triggers, they’re not going to stop until they’re dead or they kill somebody else. Once we arrest them, it is our hope they will spend some legitimate time off our streets in prison,” said Battiste.

The shooting on Wednesday happened in the middle of the day on a busy road. Dozens of people gathered around the scene as police investigated the crime. Police say they are still investigating the motive, but say they believe Wilson and the victims were shooting at each other on the road.

“It is the reckless disregard for the safety of other people. I think you guys were able to see the amount of bullets fired between two individuals, that’s very reckless,” said Battiste.

Wilson is expected to be in court on Friday for a bond hearing.