MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — With a week to go before Alabama’s primary, voting officials with Mobile County Probate court will be busy today. Today they’re testing voting machines to make sure they work before next Tuesday. This is a pre-election tradition that’s open to the public.

We’ve seen this before. Probate court employees test dozens of voting machines a week prior to the vote. Back in 2016, we watched them work. First, they test the machines to make sure they all read zero. Then there’s the second test. Employees stuff 30 ballots through each machine. They know what results to expect. If the machines read the ballots properly then they are good to go.

This test starts at 8:15 this morning at the probate court’s election warehouse at 1150 Schillinger Road North. The machines are sealed and then eventually sent to polling places as we get closer to primary election day.

There’s another test tomorrow–they’ll test the absentee ballot reading system at the Mobile County Government Annex building on the second floor starting at 9:30.