MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — With the start of school just a week away, parents may be wondering how well their child’s school is performing.

The U. S. News and World Report has ranked each school in the United States based on many different things, including math and reading proficiency and test scores compared to other schools in the state and district. The most recent report is from the 2020-2021 school year.

Here are the Elementary and Middle School rankings for MCPSS schools:

Elementary/Middle SchoolStudents EnrolledOverall Score
Allentown Elementary School76147.14/100
Anna F. Booth Elementary School43591.42/100
Augusta Evans School248Not Available
Bernice J. Causey Middle School1,53052.66/100
Booker T. Washington369Not Available
Breitling Elementary School53326.96/100
Burns Middle School 827Not Available
Calcedeaver Elementary School23670.63/100
Calloway Smith Middle School529Not Available
Chastange-Fournier Middle School564Not Available
Clarkshaw Magnet School76199.28/100
Cl Scarborough Model Middle School71736.23/100
Collins-Rhodes Elementary School60362.65/100
Cora Castlen Elementary School43971.39/100
Dauphin Island Elementary School6676.66/100
Dawes Intermediate School54793.22/100
Denton Magnet School of Technology40978.99/100
Dixon Elementary School439Not Available
Dr. Robert W Gilliard Elementary School72844.13/100
Dubar Creative Performing Arts47687.44/100
Eicholdmertz School of Math and Science53799.7/100
Elizabeth Fonde Elementary School625Not Available
Elsie Collier Elementary School70267.92/100
ER Dickson Elementary School94759.04/100
Erwin Craighead Elementary School48634.04/100
Florence Howard Elementary School 45540.21/100
Forest Hill Elementary School 509Not Available
George Hall Elementary School 328Not Available
Grand Bay Middle School70227.05/100
Grant Elementary School 23964.91/100
Hl Sonny Callahan School for the Deaf and Blind39Unranked
Hollingers Island Elementary School294Not Available
Holloway Elementary School 536Not Available
Hutchens Elementary School565Unranked
Indian Springs Elementary School367Not Available
J E Turner Elementary School54254.22/100
John Will Elementary School522Not Available
Kate Shepard Elementary School56135.09/100
Katherine H Hankins Middle School82827.29/100
Leinkauf Elementary School57237.65/100
Lott Middle School442Not Available
Mary B Austin Elementary School49756.02/100
Maryvale Elementary School418Not Available
Mary W Burroughs Elementary School35634.19/100
Mcdavidjones Elementary School78737.05/100
Meadowlake Elementary School41833.43/100
Mobile County Training Middle School23526.81/100
Morningside Elementary School446Not Available
Nan Gray Davis Elementary School419Not Available
North Mobile County Middle School456Not Available
Old Shell Road Magnet School40298.49/100
Olive J Dodge Elementary School866Not Available
Orchard Elementary School50165.96/100
O’Rourke Elementary School89255.57/100
Pearl Haskew Elementary School50052.41/100
Peter F Alba Middle School54150.97/100
Phillips Preparatory Middle School62999.03/100
Pillans Middle School601Not Available
Saint Elmo Elementary School447Not Available
Semmes Elementary School45762.05/100
Semmes Middle School1,498Not Available
Spencer Westlawn Elementary School47469.28/100
Tanner Williams Elementary School27446.23/100
Taylor White Elementary School35354.97/100
Griggs Elementary School61351.96/100
Robbins Elementary School32870.48/100
Council Traditional School704100/100
Whitley Elementary School293Not Available
Wilmer Elementary School430Not Available

Here are the high school rankings:

High SchoolStudents EnrolledOverall Score
W.P. Davidson High School1,61385.63/100
Baker High School2,53870.77/100
Murphy High School1,35862.58/100
Mary G. Montgomery High School1,96343.78/100
Alma Bryant High School1,68737.46/100
Theodore High School1,36228.26/100
Ben C. Rain High School598<25
C. F. Vigor High School493<25
Citronelle High School798<25
John L Leflore Preparatory Academy 667<25
Lillie B Williamson High School472<25
Mattie T Blount High School1,062<25

Council Traditional School was ranked as the best elementary school in Alabama and Davidson High School was ranked as the No. 26 best high school in Alabama.