MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A child in Mobile County gets the flu and temporarily loses the ability to walk.

He had viral myositis and was unable to walk for a few days after he came down with the flu.

Across the country, and in Mobile County, the flu is running rampant.

Nicole Rowell says her 7-year-old son, Blaze, came down with the virus last week. “I pretty much figured he had the flu because I knew how rampant it was going around,” she said.

Rowell explained her son started to feel better, but then he woke up in pain and was unable to walk. “I heard him say ‘mom my legs,'” said Rowell. She continued, “he just could not bear weight on them. I thought he was being a little bit dramatic, so I laid him on the couch and I touched his calf and he screamed.”

They went to USA Children and Women’s, where they told her he had viral myositis.

“Viral myositis is actually a viral inflammatory condition of the muscles, it occurs most commonly with Influenza A,” said Dr. Larry Mellick, the Vice Chairman for Pediatric Emergency Medicine at USA Children and Women’s.

It’s not common, but it does happen during flu outbreaks.

“I can go months without seeing a case of it, and then we get a flu epidemic and we get 2, 3, 4 a week presenting,” said Dr. Mellick.

Rowell says she had never heard of it until doctors told her about it, her son was back to his normal self within two and a half days. She said she wanted to share her story so other parents are aware.

“It does get better, it’s not a permanent thing, it’s just partial paralysis, it will go away. Not to be caught off guard, kind of like we were. Just so that they had a little more insight about some symptoms that would come or possibly would come to their kids,” said Rowell.

Right now, USA Children and Women’s say their emergency room is breaking volume records of the number of patients. If your child has regular flu symptoms, and no other issues, you’re encouraged to take them to your pediatrician or to urgent care.