MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A Mobile Firefighter learns over the department’s emergency radio that her brother had been shot at their family business. The man was shot during a robbery Thursday morning at Mother’s Finest on Houston Street.

Grover Stewart was working behind the counter Thursday when he was shot in the back.

“It was just so senseless,” said Ann Williams, Stewart’s sister.

Mobile police said two teens had demanded money from him and shot him when he refused. His sister, Ann Williams, is a firefighter with Mobile Fire Rescue. She was on duty when the call came in.

“I heard on the radio where we were driving to do business inspections, this address 450 Houston Street for one shot, and I wasn’t for certain they actually said 450,” said Williams.

In shock, she called the store and her brother, who owns the store, to see what was going on. No one answered.

“I thought it was some customers out in the parking lot having an altercation, and maybe it was a customer or someone who got shot,” said Williams. “Not my brother. That was so surprising.”

Mobile police arrested 19-year-old Jalunnie Bradley and a 16-year-old, they are charged with robbery and assault.

Williams said the two were regular customers.

“I had talked with [him] on Tuesday or Wednesday, we had a conversation just regular customer, having a conversation with him,” said Williams. “I would have never thought that he would come in here and rob my brother. And try to kill him,”

Stewart has no feeling in the lower half of his body, and the bullet is still in his spine. His sister and family are hoping for a full recovery.

“I don’t think I still totally get what happened but I’m just hoping and praying for the best for my brother,” said Williams.