MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — A Mobile County jury found one man guilty of theft after he used a stolen pickup to ram his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle. 

William Williams was found guilty of Theft of Property-First Degree for a crime that happened back in 2020. Williams stole a pickup truck Dec. 23, 2020, from a Food Mart in the Birdsville community, according to a Facebook post from the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office.  

Williams drove the truck back to his home, which was only a few hundred yards away. He then spotted his “ex-girlfriend climbing into her vehicle,” according to the post. 

Williams decided to ram her vehicle with the pickup truck and got into a fight with her afterward. Williams ran from the scene and was later arrested. Both cars were totaled, according to the post. 

Williams’ sentencing is set for Sept. 21, 2022. Williams was also charged for Assualt-Second Degree and Obstruction of Justice, but these are pending cases, according to the post.