MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — a local environmental youth group was recognized for their hard work in cleaning up various areas in Mobile County at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

Revitalizing community parks, conserving wildlife in Mobile County by picking up waste, and maintaining clean neighborhoods are just a few reasons why Groundwork Mobile County’s Green Team was presented a certificate.

“Getting started in public service at an early age is really important,” said District 5 councilman, Joel Daves. “Our communities and our lives together as citizens is only as good as those who are willing to take the time to contribute to the community and engage in public service, so I commend you all are doing that.”

Alabama’s first Groundwork USA organization offers students between the ages of 14 and 28 a paid internship.

It allows them to participate in hands-on projects that focus on environmental conservation and neighborhood revitalization.

“Groundwork has really changed my life,” said a student in the organization, Kamian Rooks. “I’m thankful to have this opportunity to work with Groundwork and just to experience the work for us out there and just being environmentally aware of my surroundings that’s around Mobile county.”

Groundwork Mobile County collaborates with a variety of city organizations to clean up public spaces like city parks which includes their most recent project, Dog River Park. 

“when people go, they go to recreate they’re enjoying themselves, so we don’t want to have to look down at litter and also the wildlife that’s in that area they’re eating, they’re swimming, they’re living in an area that has litter, so we want to make sure we’re going to those areas that have high traffic of people but don’t have a lot of that clean up,” said youth program coordinator Jennifer Prince.

Prince says if you’re in an area that needs cleaning, contact them through their Facebook, and they’ll get to work.

“We want to revitalize those areas, so it feels good to be in our community, to be in Mobile,” said Prince.