In tonight’s What’s Working, a Mobile City Councilwoman is showing what it truly means to be a public servant. Gina Gregory just revealed that she has breast cancer. She is using social media to reach out to other women who may receive the scary diagnosis.

Gregory was diagnosed in March after her doctor discovered a lump during a routine exam.  She had a clean mammogram three weeks earlier.

“This is not something I would have ever expected to have. It is not something that runs in my family. I thought, if anything, I would have heart problems or skin cancer.”

After several follow-up tests including a biopsy, ultrasound, and MRI, Gregory and her doctors decided to go for a more radical double mastectomy.  She had the surgery six weeks ago. She is now beginning chemo, and later radiation.

“Chemo will not be fun, but it won’t be horrible. They give you drugs to treat the side effects of nausea and vomiting,” Gregory said.

As a former WKRG journalist, Gregory has opted to share her cancer journey on social media, to help others who may face the uncertainty of cancer treatment. She plans to do a Facebook Live on Facebook next Friday.  During this first treatment, she uploaded video to her own page.

“I do have the ability to talk about it, share my journey so that hopefully more people will take the time to have mammograms, self-breast exams, and get the type of treatment they need. And hopefully not be so scared.”

“If my journey will help people, it’s worth it for me to put it out there,” she added.

Gregory has only missed one city council meeting since her diagnosis, and she doesn’t expect her chemo to disrupt her busy schedule. Friday chemo treatments will hopefully allow her to be at meetings on Tuesdays.

She has prepared to lose her hair in the coming weeks, and already has two wigs, one given to her by the American Cancer Society. She says ACS has been a good resource for her.

You can follow her cancer journey on her “Gina Gregory” Facebook page.

“Coming out of this, I will be a healthier, stronger, Gina, and that is what I plan to do.”