MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – Many communities have issues with litter, including Mobile, but Mobile Baykeeper is working to combat this problem with a clean up initiative in Downtown Mobile. 

The first step is to create awareness for the issue of litter. The way Mobile Baykeeper is trying to raise awareness is through what they call gamified trash cans. These are trash cans designed for cigarette butts, so the cigarette butts do not end up in the street. The trash can at Braided River Brewing Company says “Would you rather have more money or more time?” while the one at O’Daleys Irish Pub says, “Let’s settle this…War Eagle or Roll Tide?”. You then put your cigarette butt in the side that you would like to vote for. 

“We want to provide some fun ways for people to become aware of litter, plastic, pollution….different issues like that. So they are not only throwing it away, but they are also thinking about what kind of products am I using and how am I making sure that I’m not letting them end up in the creeks and the bay,” says Cade Kistler, Program Director at Mobile Baykeeper. In the future, the organization would like to add more including possibly a trash can basketball hoop. 

Kistler continues, “Then our next steps in this campaign are to give downtown businesses the ability to start switching from single-use plastics to reusable products or biodegradable products so we are not ending up with that same impact.” 

This will hopefully have businesses as well. Kistler adds that they want to be sure this participating business would get good promotion for the work they are doing and that people would want to come to eat at and support businesses that are making less litter for the City of Mobile. 

Mobile Baykeeper is able to do this because of a grant from NOAA and help from their organizations that they partner with. For more information on how you can make a difference, head to