MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — For the first time in more than a decade, Mobile County will have a new district attorney after November’s general election.  The Democratic nominee for the county’s lead prosecutor may have an uphill climb to the office but is optimistic she can pull out a win.  It’s an elected office people look to for answers and solutions, and Mobile attorney Moshae Donald says she’s up to the job.  

“I think the issue in Mobile County is that we have not seen as many creative solutions we can be tough on crime but Mobile County deserves more than that,” said Democratic Candidate for Mobile County District Attorney Moshae Donald. “We can’t prosecute our way out of this ordeal, we’ve been tough on crime and yet homicide rates go up, we need to be tough on crime and therapeutic in situations that may not warrant jail time.” Chad: Donald argues the county needs to have more community involvement in fighting truancy and keeping kids in school.

“Making sure children are attending school every day, there’s a tracker therewith reducing juvenile violence.” It may be a tough electorate to win over.  More than twice as many people voted for the Republican candidate for DA Tuesday than voted in Mobile County’s Democratic primary, but Donald remains optimistic.  

“I think there’s time to excite voters and when people meet me and see my platform, I bring a different perspective to the district attorney’s office,” said Donald.

Donald faces Republican nominee Keith Blackwood in November.  Blackwood won Tuesday’s primary with a sizable majority of his party’s vote.  He currently serves as the assistant to the DA.  At his victory Tuesday night, Blackwood vowed to clear the backlog of cases due to COVID delays and promised to work with crime victims and reduce violent crime in the county.