MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Today marks one week since a shooting on New Year’s Eve in Mobile that killed one man, injured nine others and sent dozens running for their lives. The police department is partnering with mental health providers for anyone who needs help following unprecedented violence at the MoonPie Drop.

“When you experience a trauma there’s a ripple effect, it can affect your work life it can affect your home life there are all different ways you can be impacted and if you don’t see services it can lead you down a really bad road,” said Victim Advocate Brandie Battiste. A news release from the police department is calling this “trauma healing in the wake of violent events.” It brings together different community groups to connect people with the help they may need–services that may feel sometimes unaffordable or out of reach.

“Mental health is covered under insurance and if it’s not covered, providers work on a sliding scale and you can pay as little as $25 for a counseling session,” said Trista Stout-Walker with United Way in Southwest Alabama. One of the goals of an event like this is to overcome some of the stigma associated with seeking mental health services.

“There was a misnomer that it’s only for crazy people talking to themselves, it’s not that, it’s dealing with life’s stressors,” said Reba Pendelton with the Mobile County Health Department.

Saturday marked the first of at least two sessions for anyone in Mobile who was affected in any way by the New Year’s Eve shooting on Dauphin street one week ago. To connect people with the services and groups that can help. The incident on New Year’s Eve killed one man, left nine others hurt, and sent dozens of people running for cover. These gatherings are for anyone going through the trauma that manifests itself in common ways: more fear, more anxiety, trouble concentrating, or difficulty sleeping.

The next outreach event will be this Wednesday from 3-6 in the afternoon at MPD’s first precinct on Dauphin Island Parkway.

Your link to community resources is to dial 211. You can connect to MPD’s Victim Services Unit in this link.