MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Millions of travelers are hitting the road for the unofficial start of summer this weekend, but as they’re driving to their destinations, the cost of getting there is more than in years past.

AAA expects more people to be traveling this year than last year. But as eager travelers hit the road, many have their minds on the rising prices of gas.

“It’s terrible! 2.7 gallons for $13,” said Joshua Donahoe, who is traveling to Florida this holiday weekend on his motorcycle.

“I can actually feel the pain from the pump. Being $100 for a full tank, I have a 36-gallon tank. I’m paying about $100-115,” said Tony Bashful, who was traveling from Georgia to Louisiana.

According to AAA, the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline is about $4.60.

But those prices aren’t stopping many from traveling. AAA estimates more than 39 million people will be driving to their destinations.

“It’s going to be busy out there. The gas prices are going to be high no matter where you’re going. The further south you go, typically the higher gas prices there are. But, typically we don’t have people stay at home during a travel weekend or a vacation period like this,” said Clay Ingram, Spokesperson for AAA Alabama.

For some, this means limiting travel this summer.

“We won’t be traveling that much this year. This will probably be our last trip out of Florida for the summer. So we’ll be staying close to home doing things at home,” said Christine Strahan, who was driving to Louisiana from Florida.

But some said they’re still planning on hitting the road, despite feeling the pain at the pump.

“I’m going to travel regardless, I’m in a comfortable position where I can make those decisions,” said Bashful. “But for those who can’t, it’s really a burden, and I can see now if the prices still keep going up, it’s going to start being a burden for me when it starts reaching $5-6 a gallon.”

AAA said the estimated travel numbers they are seeing are getting close to the number of people traveling we saw right before the pandemic.