The Mel Showers exhibit is now open at the History Museum of Mobile. It’s a place where visitors will learn about Mel’s life and 50-year career at WKRG-TV: the major stories he’s covered, the awards and accolades he’s received, the challenges he had to overcome.

“There’s a little bit of everything here and we’re thrilled to have it,” said museum curator Nick Beeson. “We’re thrilled to be able to tell this story because Mel is such a big part of the community.”

The exhibit is in a Museum that was once City Hall which seems apropos since Mel covered so many stories in the building.

“It absolutely is and this is where so much took place back then – where so many decisions were made,” said former WKRG-TV reporter and assistant news director Bill Jordan.

The exhibit opened Saturday night during a retirement party for Mel.

Dozens of current and former co-workers were on hand. People came  from as far away as Maryland and Minnesota to honor Mel. Everyone was impressed with the exhibit

“It’s pretty incredible and such a great honor to see the history of his career spread out this way,” said Jennifer Mayerle, a WKRG-TV reporter from 2002-206 who now works in the Twin Cities. “Just to look around to see what he’s done and what he’s meant to this community. He’s been a measured voice thru so many significant events.”

“It recognizes the historic nature of the man,” said Bruce Cunningham, former WKRG-TV sportscaster who now works at the Fox affiliate in Baltimore and is the public address voice of the Baltimore Ravens. “In 1969 when Mel started we were just a couple of years removed from police dogs and fire hoses in Birmingham. For him to be willing to take on that role and succeed in that role is remarkable.”

A remarkable career, now on display at the History Museum of Mobile, honoring a remarkable man.

“Working with Mel was the absolute best,” said Cunningham.

“They just don’t make them anymore like Mel,” added Jordan.

The exhibit runs through the end of the summer.