PRICHARD, Ala. (WKRG) — Brenda Tucker and her husband Phillip woke up to see water flooding the streets in front to their home. They reached out to the Prichard Water Board for answers, but after learning they would be fully responsible for the leaks, they called Prichard Mayor Jimmie Gardner for assistance.

Brenda says she noticed her street was flooding with water when she saw a Prichard Water Board worker trying to fix the issue in the morning. When she called Prichard Water Board customer service to see if she could get a break on her bill, they advised her she’s going to have to pay for the full cost.

“I can understand if it’s on my side,” said Brenda. “But I asked them if it’s on my side, can I get a break on my bill? I said because it flooded half of the block. She told me no, I gotta pay that bill.”

Brenda said she noticed the flooding around nine in the morning, but she doesn’t know how long the meter continued gushing out water.

“All this water ran, and look at it in the street,” said Brenda, gesturing to all of the water on the street. “All the way up to the corner, all the way up to the corner!”

When asked about the customer’s responsibility for the leak, the Prichard Water Board advised WKRG they do not have an adjustment policy for customer leaks, sticking Brenda and Phillip in a financial bind.

“I’m a disabled veteran,” said Phillip. “And I think that Prichard should be a little more acceptable for helping somebody else who’s on a fixed income.”

Brenda says she called Mayor Jimmie Gardner for help, and he sent out a plumber to help with the damaged pipe that caused the leak.

“If I’m called directly, then I’m gonna respond directly in those matters that I can,” said Gardner. “And this is just one of them that I was able to respond in and we’re going to be here to assist and help them in the best way that we can.”

He urges the community to help those who may need a helping hand.

“We should do all that we can to assist that person,” said Gardner. “So they don’t feel as pressured about what has taken place, especially when you see all this water going down the street and you saying God, how I’m gonna pay for it?”

Gardner says he will help out the family the best way he can.