Mobile, Ala. (WKRG) — The man charged with the 2018 fatal shooting at an Easter concert was sentenced Tuesday.

Jemarkus Holifield the man charged with killing 15-year-old Anesa Baker in 2018 during an Easter concert was in court for the last time Tuesday. A verdict was reached back on March 11 after a two-day trial and a three-hour deliberation, the jury reached a unanimous decision that Holifield was guilty of reckless manslaughter. 

Two rows in Judge Hambright’s courtroom were filled with Anesa Baker’s family and loved ones, hoping for justice. “God has the last say so, but we are grateful and thankful,” said Jazber Walker, Anesa’s sister.

Anesa’s mother took the stand before Judge Hambright made her decision, emotional and raw as she expressed her pain. She addressed Holifield directly as well claiming he had no regard for Anesa’s life. Holifield though, today nor during the trial did he ever speak in court.

“I do pray for him and I do hope that he gets on the right path during his time served,” said Walker. “If he does come back out into life again I hope that he actually wants to live life because what he was doing before that wasn’t life and where he’s going that’s not life. And I hope this serves as an example.”

The state mentioned how Anesa was a young and vulnerable victim and how reckless Holifeild’s actions were that fatal night. The Judge did ultimately decide for the maximum sentence of 20 years to be served, making him 43-years-old by his release.

This sentence gives Anesa’s family closure after four grueling years, but it’s still far from a “win” in their minds. “No one has won because families have been ripped apart, my mother is hurting, his mother is hurting, his family is hurting and it’s stupid because all of this could have been prevented,” said Walker.