MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The head of the Mobile Area Water and Sewer System, Bud McCrory, addressed the city council Tuesday, July 12 to update the public on the safety of their water supply.

“The Mobile Area Water and Sewer System is safe to drink and it is safe to utilize in every method you’ve used it prior to,” said McCrory. “It meets every regulatory compliance issue that we are mandated by.”

District 7 councilwoman, Gina Gregory, suggested MAWSS should send out an additional letter to customers explaining that the water is safe. Gregory said it should also include what MAWSS is doing to mitigate this issue going forward, so that there is less confusion.

District 2 councilman, Scott Jones, says he is not concerned.

“I haven’t made any changes just because the EPA put this out,” said Jones. ” The water is no different today than it was in June, than it was a year ago.”

McCrory says he believes MAWSS has the best quality and tasting water in the Southeast and that the amount of P-FAS in the water is compared to four drops per quadrillion.

MAWSS only sent out the previous notices to educate their customers on the EPA’s newly updated health advisory.

McCrory also says MAWSS will continue to adjust their treatment process to meet the EPA’s regulations going forward.

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