MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after a man was held at gunpoint in his own home.

Jason Cox said he fell asleep Saturday night in his home in Coden when the unexpected happened.

“The next thing I know, I wake up to a loud sound and I see two masked guys kick in my door,” said Cox. “With waving pistols around and they started screaming at me and they told me to get down and I did, and one of them grabbed my head and held me down and stuck the pistol in the back of my neck.”

Cox said the suspects, who were unidentifiable, demanded marijuana. Cox plead with the suspects, letting them know that he did not have any in his possession.

“Finally after they had been searching around for so long and not finding anything I gave them my emergency savings which is like $4,000 bucks and they took that,” said Cox. “They stayed around for a few minutes looking around still trying to find some weed or whatever.”

Mobile County Sheriff’s Captain Paul Burch said they are thoroughly trying to get a grasp of this investigation.

“At this point we believe the suspects went to the wrong house but again were very early on in the investigation,” said Burch. “Anytime someone enters someone’s home armed, it’s a very dangerous situation.”

As the days go on, Cox said he is just trying to reclaim his peace of mind.

“You got the wrong house. I never even smoke weed. I’ve always kept that stuff at a distance,” said Cox.

“Even broke ties with some friends because I just, I just didn’t want to get pulled in that world in the first place, and I still ended up getting pulled in somehow.”

If you have any information on this case, you are asked to contact the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office at 251- 574-2423.