MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Two apartment complexes that are decades old will soon be torn down.

The federal government says it is too costly to renovate R.V. Taylor Plaza and Thomas James Place. Opting instead to tear down most of the complexes’ units, displacing hundreds of low-income families.

However, The Mobile Housing Authority has found a way to keep some of the housing – preserving 91 units at Thomas James Place and 192 units at R.V. Taylor Plaza.

Other residents willing to relocate have two choices: transfer to a different Mobile Housing Authority property or get a voucher for housing in Mobile County.

The Mobile Housing Authority has until Oct. 2026, to finish demolishing these two complexes, and their plan is to relocate all the families by the end of next year.

Michael Pierce, CEO of Mobile Housing Authority, says that most residents are receptive to relocating and see this as a new beginning.

“When we do these relocation of all of the residents who are impacted by this, they all complete a survey and, believe it or not, 70 percent of the residents who were surveyed, who were impacted by this, do not want to remain in the area,” said Pierce. “They’ve said they want the voucher that you’ll receive to go and look for housing in other parts of the community.”

Thaddeus Murphy lives at R.V. Taylor Plaza. He says this change could be a positive one.

“Maybe a couple of people are kind of upset but majority, I think are looking at the vouchers as a chance to relocate and have a fresh start,” said Murphy.

Pierce told News 5 that Mobile Airport Authority has expressed interest in the 284 acres of land that will be left after the demolition, and they are currently in the negotiations phase.

“I see this as an opportunity for the evolution of the community,” said Pierce. “You need the private sector to come in and recognize the opportunity….that’s when you start to see businesses move in providing goods and services which is convenient access for those who live in these communities.”

Some residents have already received their vouchers and are preparing to move out soon.

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