MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — You might have some company the next time you’re on the water on Dog River. Manatees have been spotted a couple of times in the last month. This latest video appears to be a small group of manatees at Navco Park Saturday.

News 5 viewer Prattis Williams sent this to us. She said it appeared there was a group of six manatees making their way along Dog River. Williams said she saw small waves of water getting closer to her on land and at first thought, it was an alligator, but then saw one of the animals come to the surface. This is at least the second manatee sighting on Dog River in a month’s time. The Mobile Manatees Sighting network posted a video from a kayaker who encountered a manatee on Dog River four weeks ago. The sighting network depends on publicly reported sightings to learn more about the manatees in our area.

“Through our research, we have seen that Dog River is a hotspot for manatee sightings in Alabama. This time of year, we often receive reports from Dog River of larger groups of manatees that display behavior consistent with mating herds. We encourage members of the public who see manatees in the area to give the manatees plenty of space and report their sightings to our network at 1-866-493-5803 or online at,” wrote the Mobile Manatees sighting Network in a Facebook Message to News 5.