MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — A man was sentenced to 25 years for murdering another man back in 2016. 

Danell Davis was sentenced for shooting and killing Roderick Johnson, 21. Roderick was shot inside an A-1 gas station in Prichard. He died from his injuries, according to a Facebook post from the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office

Danell was arrested for Johnson’s murder after he was found in Michigan. Danell entered a blind plea to the murder charge in October of 2019, according to the post. When Danell entered the blind plea, he plead guilty to the murder charge. In exchange, a judge would decide his sentence.

Roderick Johnson

Johnson’s mother was given a moment to address the court at Davis’ sentencing. “Why did you kill him why did you do this?” Johnson’s mother asked. “Your family can visit you I go to the graveyard every other day.”