CHUNCULA, Ala. (WKRG)- A man is in serious condition after a dog attack in Chunchula.

Mobile County Sheriff’s Office says a man is in serious condition after being attacked by a dog on Diane Lane in Chunchula.

Neighbors tell us this home has been an issue with the dogs for quite some time. One neighbor, Crystal Pettway even saying she says the dogs have attacked herself and her pets before this recent incident.

“I’m angry because Something should have been done about this a long time ago, this is a human error. This is 1000% preventable. All it takes is a fence, a leash, training, anything besides letting them run loose especially when you have been told over and over by multiple people about their behavior.” Pettway said.

Animal Control went to that home on Diane Lane today and they found seven dogs in total on the property. The owner of the dogs surrendered all seven and they are now being held at the Mobile County Animal Shelter. The county says all seven of the dogs are set to be euthanized. This in part happening because they could not identify which animal was the one responsible for the attack. They are all also being tested for rabbies.

The Sheriff’s Office says if the man attacked were to die, then they would take the case over from animal control, since at that point it would be considered criminal.

We are still waiting on the full report from Animal Control.