PRICHARD, Ala. (WKRG) — There are questions surrounding a Prichard Police officer still working, after being charged with domestic violence.

Officer Markell Carter was charged with domestic violence after an altercation with his wife.

“We have had many questions and emails about officer Carter being employed here and yes he’s employed here. At this time, no actions will be taken until we see what the outcome of this case is going to be,” said Chief Walter Knight with Prichard Police.

An employee hire that is raising some concerns for Chief Walter Knight with Prichard police.

“He was arrested for a domestic back in August. He was not employed here at that time,” said Chief Knight.

That domestic incident happened back in August in Mobile, the woman told police Carter punched her several times and kicked her. According to Mobile Police Carter said it was only a heated argument. After that Chief Knight said Carter was arrested a second time, this time he was employed with Prichard police.

“It was a domestic violence issue, but it was two separate incidents,” said Chief Knight.

Carter’s employment timeline during these intense allegations brings a lot of questions as to why and how he is still serving as a Prichard officer.

Chief Knight said, “A lot of employers wouldn’t fire a person because they were arrested. They would wait to see what’s the totality of the situation.”

Knight said the woman involved was also arrested in the second incident. He also said he understands how serious this is and plans to handle it as such.

“Believe me, after we see what comes out in the trial. That’s when we’ll make the final decision on keeping officer Carter or not,” said Chief Knight.

Carter is expected in court in January. Prichard police are conducting their internal investigation and waiting to see how this pans out in front of a judge.